Zarziskite - The Kitschool in Tunisia

Zarziskite offers you a kilometer-long dream beach for kiting.
The beach is in unspoiled nature and has a breathtaking kite-zone with ideal wind conditions.
Therefore Zarziskite fascinates through kite-fun almost all year round.
Kiting in Tunisia is not only cheap but a fascinating adventure. Find out about our courses and times!

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Learn Kitesurfing with Zarziskite

More and more people are interested in how to learn kiting. Kitesurfing is not very demanding, but rather complex, especially at the beginning. This is why it is important to learn how to train in kiting and not to step 3 before step 1. In the Kitschule Zarziskite, we therefore proceed according to a clear structure.

The procedure of Kitesurfing

Theory: Since the sport is challenging, the course begins with a short but important theoretical briefing. The materials, the wind conditions, the area, the dangers, the procedure for difficulties, etc. are explained. Most beginners are already excited when kiting learns, because the steps are very purposeful aimed at getting to the board as fast as possible.

Construction: Each kite must be able to build up and dismantle its kite and all that belongs to it. This is why an important step in kiting is the safe handling of kite, board, trapeze, bar, linen and everything else.

Stunt kites: Before kiting the first kite, kiting begins in a kite course with a stunt kite. Anyone who already has experience with the stunt kite can almost skip this step. Otherwise, we train the stunt kite to keep certain positions controlled.

Flight Exercises: After the first successes with the kite kite, the first flight exercises with the kite are made during kiting. These are carried out in standing water. Particular attention is paid to starting and landing and the safe control of the kite. The next step is only passed if the safe handling of the kite is ensured.

Bodydrag: If the exercises are carried out safely, an exercise called Bodydrag will follow. Here the kite is steered in the movement of an 8 in the so-called power zone. The kite pulls the body back and forth in the wind direction in an S-shape. At this point of kite-learning, it is clear for the first time which power is in the kite.

Waterstart: If the Bodydrag is dominated, the first major hurdle comes: the water trickle. Depending on the fear, skill and sensitivity, there may be several attempts at starting up, and some may wonder if he really wants to learn kiting. Talented persons create the waterstart after 1-2 attempts. If you are a bit more timid and not quite as skilled, you need a few more attempts until he is on the board. But as hard as kite learning in this phase may seem: it can create everyone!

The waterstart The first meter: After successful waterstart comes the first great feeling of happiness. The first meters on the board! It's an almost indescribable feeling when you're done. For most of you, a big grin comes up as soon as this hurdle is mastered. Kiten learning is rewarded at this point. It is simply amazingly fulfilling to glide over the water, feel the wind and experience a completely new freedom feeling. All these first steps as well as advanced learning units are part of the beginners course and the kite week.

Driving altitude: Losing height means that you do not get back to the same place where you started. In the beginning it is therefore a bit tedious, if one loses with each journey at the height and then back again against the wind. So that the fun is not diminished, the next step in kiting is to learn how to "ride high". In doing so, the board is tilted obliquely in the water in order to resist the abortion. In the beginning, this step costs a bit of strength, as unusual muscle parts are used. After a few exercises, however, this also works and the kite surfing is getting more and more joy.

Turn: At some point, you have to turn around and this happens at the beginning by a stop and a restart in the other direction. So you can see the beginners again and again in the water plumpsen and then restart again. The turn is to control a half-turn against the wind and then quickly change the kite in the direction. You are already driving back. The faster and cleaner this step is performed, the more gallant the turn will look. Usually this is only learned in the advanced course.

Start standing: Galanter than starting from the squat in the water is the quick start from the stand. This requires - as much when kiting learn - some dexterity. Again, proper coordination and timing are important.

JUDGE: Something more complicated than the turnaround is the throat. In doing so, the direction of travel is changed and the board is not steered, but directed towards the wind. Due to the change in position, this step is somewhat difficult at first. After some exercise, this also works like everything in kite learning.

Kiten learns practically never stops, and so jumps, loopings and other tricks to the round of the sport finally come to it. "Kitesurfing is addictive," said a regular customer with shining eyes. Most learn the jumps, etc. through many attempts. It goes faster of course by a private hour with an experienced instructur.

Who can learn kiting?

Kiten Lernen

Learn kiting

It is not a question of age, but rather a question of skill and perseverance. Naturally, sporting people also have an advantage when kiting.

The youngest customers are children from 12 years. It is important to have a minimum size so that the bar (rod on which the lines of the kite is attached) can be operated well.

Even older people can learn kiting. The oldest customer was 80 years old and successfully made it onto the board.

Some lovers kite at any temperature. Many love to kite on the sunny beach in swimming trunks. However, some areas in Germany are now so crowded that even the owners and members of the kite schools come to Zarzis to enjoy the large open spaces.


How to learn how to kite?

The best way to learn kitesurfing is through a kite course. Experienced kite instructors accompany the first steps up to the pass. Our kit school is internationally certified and the kite instructors are experienced and popular.

You can book either flat rate kites (including hotel, food, flight, transfer and kite course) or book the trip separately from the kite course. In both cases, it is useful to first check the vacant places at the kite courses, so that the kite learning is also secured.

A very nice impression of the area and the whole process of kite-learning you can get through our videos.