Location – beach

A natural and white sandy beach stretches directly along the kite school. It lies in close proximity to the small village Hassi Jerbi. Zarzis, where you will find the majority of hotels in the area, is situated between four and five kilometers from the spot.  A transfer from and to your hotel is organized by the kite school.

The ideally shallow water stretches along 3,5 km and is bordered by an offshore riff. These conditions make the kiting experience even for learners and beginners possible. Needless to say, advanced and professional kiters do not come short in Zarziskite and get a huge kick out of kiting in our district. The subsurface consists out of purely solid sand. 
In close proximity to the kite school, a 4,5 sq km lagoon is situated where one can easily fall back to at any time. The larger lagoon of 28 sq km is located slightly further away. 
Most of the time, you will find a strong onshore north-eastern wind in the district of Zarziskite.  In both lagoons, however, kiting is possible at every wind direction.
Buggy-kiting is also offered at Zarziskite as you’ll find a large, dried out salt see next to the kite school. It is a lot of fun to speed around on the huge plane.