The Kiteschool – Zarziskite

Location: the kite school is situated at the beautiful white beach of Hassi Jerbi. It is a 3,5km shallow water area and is limited by an offshore riff to the open sea. There is also a lagoon next to the school ideal for any beginner in kiting.

Shuttle: all of our booked services include a transfer from and to your hotel. Picking-up times should be arranged beforehand.

Kite School: you will find a toilet , a shower and changing rooms at the school. For any troubles on water, our motor boot will be at your rescue. For your physical well-being we offer you freshly made sandwiches for lunchtime. 
There are pavilions and sunbeds available for your recreation or any person accompanying you to use.  

Equipment: Boards and kites of the newest generation, including brands such as Best and Cabrinha, can be rented and are provided as training material. Short and long wet suites in all common sizes, as well as shoes and Lycra-shirts are also sufficiently available. 

Special Features: whoever would like to try out speeding around our sand runway, can choose one of our buggy kites. After only a short briefing, the enjoyment can begin. 

Zarziskite’s special location at its beautiful white beach is unique. Whoever likes to enjoy their favorite sports in an area of untouched nature, undisturbed by other tourists or sunbathers and with plenty of space will find Zarziskite the perfect kiting-holiday to go on.